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UNAVI Hair Extensions has been one of my favorite hair and beauty purchases of the year. The clip in extensions instantly transform your look and give you the length and volume that is impossible to achieve on your own. Every person that compliments me on my hair when they are in is shocked that they are extensions. They look so natural and are truly a perfect color match. My favorite part is that you can style the extensions however you want and the attachment is virtually impossible to see, even with my hair up in a pony tail. Thank you Lena for bringing this brilliant innovation to Sacramento!


I am in love with my new long UNAVI Hair Extensions. I love the blue color. How it makes my hair thick. The UNAVI Hair Extension is super soft. The time and care that my hair stylist put into my extension is amazing. I finally found my perfect extensions and that is UNAVI.


I never have to wonder what in the world I’m gonna do with my natural hair whenever I have an event to go to now all I have to do is clip my UNAVI hair extensions in and curl or straighten it and my hair looks beautiful I’ve gotten so many compliments on my hair since my extensions they make my hair look and feel so much fuller than it really is not to mention how perfectly matched my extensions are to my natural hair color I love them so much and they look so good on me ! Thank you so much!


I just received my UNVAI Hair Extensions and after undoing the beautiful packaging and silk envelope I was so happy. The custom color was an EXACT match. Even my hair texture was identical to the UNAVI extensions. I quickly parted my hair and clipped in my hair according to the instructions. I couldn’t be happier. It’s impossible to tell this isn’t my hair. The length blended so well and it added the glamorous volume I wanted. It was easy to put in and comfortable. I loved that this was a single piece. No need to worry about blending multiple pieces. I love this! Thank you for my gorgeous new hair.


I want to tell you how much I Love Love my UNAVI Hair Extensions!!! They are so light weight and they are super quick to put on. Not to mention the quality! I've never had any like this.

Definitely worth it. Thank you!


Love the hair extension from UNAVI hair. It's gorgeous when I put it on. Makes me feel like I have fuller and thicker hair.


Thank you so much UNAVI for such a stunning piece! From the initial consult to the fitting of the hair I was blown away with the quality invested into the product! The hair was beautifully packaged. The hair color matched perfectly and blends so well with my natural hair color. Even the length was on point! The clips are very sturdy when anchored to the head and the stitching of the base also sits perfectly and naturally against the head. The hair piece provided so much confidence to my demeanor, making me feel like a brand new woman! It definitely completed my look for the wedding and I absolutely would recommend UNAVI hair extensions to anyone! Thank you so much UNAVI!


UNAVI hair extensions!! Omg where do I begin? I came across UNAVI hair because I’m constantly on the search for great quality hair that doesn’t break my natural hair. Well, with UNAVI hair I found just that! Great quality, amazing thickness and only ONE piece and I got my desired results. This is amazing to me considering I usually clip in SEVEN pieces! I’ve tried them all, from Bellami to foxy to a few more brands.. and nothing has impressed me more than UNAVI hair extensions. Also the packaging is very impressive (I’m a sucker for packaging) comes with a satin hair preserving bag and a great quality hair hanger which comes in handy when cleaning the hair. I have found my forever brand with UNAVI and I couldn’t be more happy.

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