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hello, beautiful!

My name is Lina Pham and I’m not just a hairstylist; I’m an artist who loves the freedom of being able to express my creativity through my work. The fuel to my passion is helping my clients, and those who are looking to become my client (you!), feel confident on the inside by making sure they feel good about themselves on the outside. A simple conversation, coupled with my skillset (yes; I do it better than anyone else), can begin the shift of a positive change and seeing my clients smile ,not only with their lips but their eyes, is truly priceless.

The continual education is the second fuel to my passion. I have been a stylist for 20 years and during this time have collected the following accolades [ Hair Extension Certificates With Glam Seemless,  Perfectress and J|Z Stylez ]. I have extensive knowledge/expertise in: [Balayage, Color Correction, Blonding, Special Event Styling and Womens Haircutting]. It is hair extensions that I consider myself a subject matter expert.

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